Curonian Wood Burning Fire Pit Phoenix Blossom - Stainless Steel

The Curonian Phoenix Blossom in Stainless Steel is the product of an interplay between an ancient legend and modern materials as envisioned by the Curonian Deco design team.  Using innovative sheet metal fabricating technologies, they cut, fold and assemble a distinctive, modern fire pit.  

Available in bright stainless steel or rusting carbon steel, the Phoenix Blossom will bloom flames, and the eventual ash, over and over again.  This fire pit will be a great accent to your outdoor entertaining space, inviting guests to gather around it and rediscover an ancient mode of communication: no phones, no apps, just shared stories and the cozy primal warmth of fire.  This is how the Phoenix has been reborn.


  • ASSEMBLY: Zero assembly required
  • CARE: Bottom can be easily removed for cleaning
  • MATERIALS: Stainless Steel
  • SIZE/WEIGHT: W 22" / D 22" / H 26" / 27 lb


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