Ignis Ardella Wall Mounted / Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace with Glass Barrier

The Ardella Wall Mounted or Recessed Bio Ethanol Three Burner Fireplace with Glass Barrier wall fireplace is sure to add a sleek and sophisticated presence to your living or working space.  Both the fireplace's rectangular frame and three ethanol burners are fabricated of high-grade stainless steel.  The interior firebox is made of steel that is expertly finished with a black powder coat.  The result is the ideal stage on which the three 7 1/8” long flames play and compete for the onlooker's attention.  In addition to its aesthetic prowess, the Ardella Fireplace is a functional piece boasting a heat output of approximately 18,000 btu.  Easy to use, each burner is simply filled with ethanol fuel and ignited.  For convenience and control, each burner is adjustable.  This allows the user control of the flame size, heat output and operational cost. Ardella produces no soot, smoke nor odor.  It need not be attached to a venting system and doesn't require electricity.  This fireplace is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings.

Don't forget to add some Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel to your order.


  • Comes with front Glass Barrier
  • Ventless: No chimney, no gas or electric lines required. Easy or no maintenance required
  • Easy Installation: Can be mounted directly on the wall or recessed (mounting brackets included)
  • Capacity: 1.5 Liter (per Burner). Approximate burn time - 5 - 9 hours per burner per refill
  • Approximate BTU output: 6000 per Burner (Total BTU 18000)
  • Dimensions: 55" x 19.75" x 7.6"

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