Ignis Wood-like Ceramic Log Set of 8 pieces

There are a few things manlier and more outdoorsy than chopping wood and building fire. In fact, the mere mental image of a burly person wielding an ax and retrieving logs for the winter is enough to scare bears off or make women swoon.

Unfortunately, if you have lived in the city all your life, daring to even just touch an ax can be dangerous. Save yourself from the inevitable injury with the Ignis Wood-like Ceramic Log Set of 8 pieces. This set of rustic-looking logs can add more character to your fireplace without the threat of hacking off your limbs. Trust that with its true-to-life design, you get the fireplace of your dreams and all the ten fingers safely attached to your palms. This ceramic set includes logs that are up to nine inches long. The set is heat resistant up to 1000 degrees C, and are intended to be placed around the fire, not right over the flame. WARNING: Not to be placed directly on fire!


  • 12.75" (32cm) - 2 pieces
  • 7.75" (20cm) - 2 pieces
  • 7.5" (19cm) - 2 pieces
  • 5.75" (15cm) - 2 pieces


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