Kalorik 18 Bottle Eco-Friendly Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

Storing it at optimal temperature and humidity, the Kalorik 18 Bottle Eco-Friendly Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator keeps your wine safe and ready to enjoy.  Digital controls with an LCD display make it easy to set the temperature.  The unit's upper zone offers two levels for up to six bottles of white wine and can be set from 44.5° to 53.5° degrees (F), while its lower zone offers four levels, each level holding up to three bottles of red, and can be set from 53.5 to 64.5 degrees (F).  Both insulated temperature zones supply scalloped chrome shelves to cradle and display the bottles of wine.  Furthermore, the unit comes with a state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling system, which avoids vibrations caused by compressor cooling systems. Such vibrations disturb the sediments in wine, disrupting the aging process.  Without vibration, stored wine can age naturally.  Even more, the unit's environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooling system uses no Freon, which can be harmful to the planet; offers energy efficiency with low power consumption of only 130W when operating; and delivers ultra-quiet operation with minimal noise generated from the only moving part – the ventilating fan.  Other thoughtful details include soft interior LED lighting with an on/off switch, a flush-back design, an adjustable leveling foot, and a door with double-paned tempered glass and metallic-silver trim.  Stop ruining your good wines through incorrect storage!


  • CAPACITY: 18 bottles (750 ml bottles)
  • LAYOUT: 6 shelves of 3 bottles each, 2 shelves of white wine bottles and 4 shelves of red wine bottles
  • TECHNOLOGY: Unique eco-friendly state-of-the-art thermoelectric technology
  • DISPLAY: Digital control with LCD display, managing 2 temperature zones
  • APPEARANCE: Transparent glass door and soft interior lighting with ON/OFF switch
  • INSTALLATION: Adjustable leveling feet
  • WINE SAVER: No vibration – aging and bottle sediment are not disturbed
  • SIZE: W 23 13/16" x H 36" x D 25 3/8"
  • MODEL: WCL 20629

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